Client Testimonials

“I have found Rhonda to be a very knowledgeable and helpful advisor. She has a way of making you feel comfortable and answers your questions in a manner you can understand. She truly cares for her clients and enthusiastically has given valuable guidance with various financial and life issues. She has earned my respect and trust.” - Shirley S.

“Rhonda Cowen has been my financial advisor for several years. She is very pleasant and friendly and at the same time very professional. She always makes time to answer any questions I might have regarding my investments. She is very trustworthy and with her years of investment experience will find the most suitable type of investment to meet your personal needs. I am very pleased to recommend Rhonda Cowen to be your new financial advisor.” - Marilyn S.

“Rhonda is a person that you can rely on for financial and personal matters. The people that work for her are also very good at what they do. I also consider her a friend. I.P.C. is very lucky to have a person like Rhonda. She is the best.” - Olia R.

“Rhonda has been a pleasant and efficient advisor over the years and we have been thankful for the benefits and knowledge we have received from her. My husband was the one involved in most dealings but since he is now not able to do so, I feel most confident and comfortable having Rhonda as my advisor.” - Elizabeth B.

“I have been a client of Rhonda Cowen for approx. 20 years. During this time of uncertainty and unrest in a world economy, I have always been kept abreast and assured and called in to change things if she felt necessary. She has always kept an eye on my investments. I have only the highest of confidence in her.” - Ken T.

“Rhonda Cowen became my financial advisor in 1994. Until then all my dealings had been with banks handling my mutual fund purchases. I found that once my funds were selected and purchased (at the banks) I never heard from them again. I heard from a friend that Rhonda was thorough and reviewed your holdings as the market changed.

This is what I have experienced since using her as my advisor – she updates my funds and investments, gives good advice on financial situations and is caring and “goes the extra mile”.

I am now retired and she has adjusted my mutual funds and investments in a way that reduces my risk if there’s a fluctuation in the market and I can sleep at night.” - Bill W.

“I have known Rhonda for close to 20 years. We started with GIC’s and then mutual funds. From a small start my portfolio has grown significantly under Rhonda’s guidance. I now take a monthly allowance from my portfolio.” - Fred R.