Community Support

Rhonda Cowen cares about working with organizations that ...

  • work with children
  • build Economic empowerment
  • provides education
  • help the environment
  • focus on Human Rights
  • provide Social Services  

The Quota Club of HuroniaThe Quota Club of Huronia: January 2011 | Social Services
The Quota Club of Huronia is a group of professionals who come together to raise funds to support the hearing impaired, brain injured, children and women in crisis, and the baby needs depot. We organize multiple charity events in an effort to bring awareness and support to these needy causes.

The Couchiching ConservancyThe Couchiching Conservancy: May 2006 | Environment

Rhonda personally donated 9 hectares (23 acres) near the village of Waverly to the Couchiching Conservancy. This reserve named "Jennett Woods" will protect one of the headwaters of Hogg Creek, making it important for the protection of downstream water quality as well as providing green space for the nearby village. It also provides walking trails for visitors to the area. A small band of wetland meanders across the property, feeding into Hogg Creek. This forest shelters birds and other wildlife. The property is located on Vasey Road in the hamlet of Waverley, now re-named Tay.